WHat I Do + Recent Work 

Taking control of your brand's online identity is crucial for your businesses's health. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business, an entrepreneur, or a creative with a body of work to share, your online presence doesn't belong on the back burner. Debuting a fresh website, launching your own email marketing campaign, or tackling your brand's Facebook page with confidence feels fantastic.

I have a serious soft spot for Squarespace, a CMS (content management system) that boasts uncluttered, sophisticated design templates with a high degree of flexibility for personalized function. With a built-in e-commerce solution, mobile- and table- ready responsive designs, and seamless hooks into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media tools, it's easy to have a beautiful site that works for you and your business. 

Squarespace is fantastic. But if you've chosen another platform (or had the resources to utilize a larger agency to build your current site), I'm still at the ready to add my expertise to where you are now.

What's your next step? You can start anywhere and move steadily towards success; I'll root for you, guide you, and give you the tools to take the reins if you'd like. It's a journey; and it's a lot of fun in the end because it gives you a chance to distill what you do, why you do it, and why people should be paying attention.

There's no time like the present to feel good about your web strategy. I'm based in Vermont, but you can be anywhere.  

Not only is Katie a delight to work with (her energetic, go-getter personality and kind disposition are completely contagious), but she’s also super fast and efficient.
— Elizabeth Kalin, Betty Brooklyn Catering
Katie reviewed my website when it was in its early stages of design. Her comments and feedback were not only sensitive and affirming, but so insightful. She helped untie the knots in my stomach so that I was better able to see a logical structure for my site. Her ideas were genius. I was able to learn from her what would have taken me weeks to understand on my own. She is thorough, timely, organized, and intelligent. She is exactly the kind of person you want to work with.
— Rebecca Caum